Salma Mayer Consulting Ltd

Personal Development & Reflection 

Find time for personal development and reflection to achieve the best learning outcomes.  Using the 70:20:10 principle 10% of your learning occurs in the classroom, 20% with peers and 70% via day-to-day application in your workplace - turning your formal knowledge into practical application.



Leadership, Management, Perormance, Team building, Change & Inclusion

High performance occurs when we invest in ourselves, our teams, our organisations.  A suite of exciting, interactive programmes are offered to ensure you are fully kitted to achieve sustainable results, mindset and behavioural change.



Psychometric assessments, feedback and coaching for enhanced self awareness

Curious about what makes you who you are? What makes you tick? Why you do and respond the way you do? Want to better understand others?  Psychometrics opens the window to self awareness and knowing yourself better.  We offer a range of psychometric tests e.g. HOGAN, MBTI, DiSC, TKi and many more.  Call us to explore which instrument would best suit your needs at an individual or team level.