The first step to self awareness is knowing what preferences and factors cause us to behave, think or act the way we do. Raising our self awareness leads to enhanced emotional intelligence resulting in stronger, effective relationships both in and outside of the workplace.  Applying psychometric assessments, feedback and coaching begins this insightful journey.

The world of psychometrics can be a baffling one… Which test to use? Will the analysis and feedback effectively benefit both the individual and organisation?What's the cost? and Can we measure ROI?  These are all valid questions which I will help you successfully navigate.

As qualified practitioners in numerous psychometric instruments and certified BPS Level A and B - European Test User Work and Organisational Assessment and Occupational testing (psychometrics) we are liccenced to adminster, interpret and feedback on the listed instruments.  

The following assessments with feedback are offered:

  • Hogan HPI and HDS (A fantastic tool for examining ‘dark/shadow’ derailing behaviours)
  • MBTI Step I and Step II
  • HAY ESCI 360 with Emotional Intelligence (EQi)
  • MSCEIT (EQi)
  • TKi – Conflict Management
  • 15FQ+(used for recruitment)
  • Situational Judgement
  • DiSC
  • Strengths



Using a combination of coaching approaches ensures client's needs are met.  These include:  

  • Person Centred Executive Coaching (the client finds the solution to their challenge themselves with the coach asking powerful questions)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (a more collaborative coaching approach)
  • Solution-Focused Executive Coaching (focus is on achievement of the coaching goals)
  • Integrative Coaching (Use of a variety of coaching approaches to achieve coaching objectives)

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London, United Kingdom

and work extensively with clients across the globe 

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